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Core Martial Arts - Freestyle Tai-Jitsu
tai_jitsu_doTai-Jitsu translates as ‘Body Art’ or ‘Body Science’. A member of the Ju-Jitsu family it also incorporates striking techniques along with grappling. It is influenced by old samurai spirit but is constantly developing to meet the needs of the modern society. A blend of practical self defense and traditional martial arts. A rare elective style curriculum allows each individual student to grow their own personal art, putting the ‘art’ back in martial arts!

A freestyle teaching & learning system teaches the individual student what they need, the way they need to learn it. Understanding the student and their own individual style of learning is key to effective development of the mind, body & spirit. This approach to teaching makes Freestyle Tai-Jitsu perfect for all ages (7-senior) and all body styles.

For more information please call our Apollo location (813) 938-5802,Ruskin location (813) 645-2500 or our Riverview/Big Bend Location (813)-672-1777

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