Apollo Beach Martial Arts

After School Marital Arts Program

Do you want the best after school activity for your child?

 We invite you to come into the Dojo, and meet our instructors

Our after school program transports from the following local schools Apollo Beach, Corr, Doby, KCC, South Shore Charter, Ruskin, Ruskin Christian and Thompson . 

Students will participate in a daily, physically active class which will include (but is not limited to)

Core Martial Arts: Punches, kicks, locks, chokes, holds, takedowns, self-defense techniques, kata’s (forms) elective training, ground/grappling, speed, agility, balance and more.

Martial Gymnastics: Cartwheels, hand springs, diving, handstands, back flips and more.

Foam Padded Weapons: Swords, nunchucks, knife defense & Eskrima (short stick).

Fun Friday: Kicks & tricks, skills & drills, martial arts games.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe, clean facility with caring supervision, where your child will gain or build on their, strength, agility, confidence, self-control, team participation and much, much more.

Students will be safely transported (at no extra charge) from their school to the Dojo, where they will be given time to change in and out of their martial arts uniform (known as a GI) and allocated desk time before and after classes in order for them to complete homework assignments.

Classes run until 5:00pm, students should be picked up between 5:00pm and 6:00pm (If you require a later pick up time please ask for more details at the front desk)

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall camps available

Day camps available, when school is out.

(813) 938-5802

205 Apollo Beach Blvd

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