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Victory Martial Arts Academy can proudly say we provide a class ‘A’ Dojo. A clean training facility, relaxing environment, pro shop for the students needs with world class instruction. You will feel welcome instantly. Student use professional equipment in a safe surrounding while spectators enjoy an excellent viewing position. We look forward to meeting you!

Sensei Phil Penticost
Husband, Father and Instructor

English by birth but I spent the majority of my life living in Ireland. Belfast, Northern Ireland started my career in the martial arts studying under Kwan Jang Nin Steve McGuiness. The study of freestyle martial arts used practical proven techniques used on an almost daily basis on the tough streets of Belfast.

After the birth of the UFC it became obvious that Ju-Jitsu was a must for all serious martial artists. I instantly started to train five days a week in Ju-Jitsu under the WJJF (World Ju-Jitsu Federation) with instruction from Sensei Gerard McAlister & Sensei Dave Toney – Irish Ju-Jitsu Coach.

Once I moved to America I continued my freestyle martial arts training under Master Boon Brown at Ancient Ways Martial Arts in Bradenton, Florida, earning a 3rd Degree Black Belt along with being a full time instructor and program manager.

Continuing my passion for martial arts and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) I also trained at ‘American Top Team’ at their HQ, Coconut Creek, FL, earning a level 2 certification teaching MMA – one of only 11 people to hold this certification. I can proudly say I provide World class training in MMA.


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