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Welcome to VICTORY Martial Arts Academy, Apollo Beach FL!
A complete martial arts academy teaching all age’s world class martial arts. Asian martial arts taught in a European teaching style and American modification. Core traditional based martial arts, weapons training, self defense, fitness and MMA (mixed martial arts)
– We have what you’re looking for!

Victory LogoWe teach Discipline and Respect.

Perfect for everyone! From the beginner student to experienced black belts, from the 3 year olds to the seniors. Family programs and private training

We train people in the martial arts so they can live their lives as martial artists.

Crucial life skills, physical self defense, self discipline, self control, confidence, social skills, bully proofing, flexibility, weight loss, balance, co-ordination, Strength and much, much more……….

Please call to book your first lesson (813) 938-5802 – Sensei Phil Penticost

Victory Martial Arts Academy